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Helukabel Introduces The TRAYCONTROL X

10,000 Torsion Cycles • UL -40°C Cold Bend Test

The TRAYCONTROL X cable products are now tested in accordance with UL, CSA and NEC for applications where bending in cold temperatures is required in temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F). These tray cables can be installed in dry, humid and damp environments, in pipes, underground, and for open, unprotected installation within the turbine. They are WTTC 1000 V (UL 2277) rated allowing them to be used in 1 kV wind turbine cable tray applications. 

The TRAYCONTROL X conforms to the new UL 6141 Standard for Wind Turbines Permitting Entry of Personnel, which applies to large wind turbines with a capacities greater than 500 kW that can or may be entered by operators or service technicians for operation or maintenance.

Currently available in sizes 20 AWG - 500 kcmil with various conductor configurations.

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